Saturday, June 07, 2008

ViStart and ViOrb - make XP's start menu work like Vista's

A few weeks ago, I tried a Vista styled start menu replacement for XP called Vista Start Menu. It worked nicely and even included the Vista style program search. This one seems to give you an even better simulation and the search feature is even faster than what Vista can give you. The only issue I had with this utility is a slow start-up time.

The ViOrb tool is a separate utility that replaces the green Start button with the fancy Vista styled Windows logo. I tried it out but I was much less impressed with it.


Here's where you can find both of these programs.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Windows Live Writer Gets Image Editing Capabilities

I occasionally use Windows Live Writer. I ran across this article at Techie Buzz and I'd really like to try out the new image editing features. However, I'm not up for a beta trial, so I'll wait patiently. If you aren't that patient, check out the preview link below.

(Excerpt from the article)

Windows Live Writer one of the most widely used blog editors (and my favorite too) has released a new Technical update which includes features like image cropping and tilting, more border styles for your images and support for centering images.

In addition to that you can also add image previewing effects from Lightbox right from the editor itself ...

Please note this is not a release version and can have bugs that may lead to crashes. If you are of the adventurous types and can’t wait to use the new features you can download the Windows Live Writer Technical Preview.

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