Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BuggyRoller in the SwissPass [Video]

My wife showed me this video that she found on Facebook.
This guy is pretty crazy.

Best viewed in full screen

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Clif Notes Newsletter for January 2010

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2010. Once again, everyone will have to get used to writing down a new year on all their documents and notes. Good luck to all of you in this New Year.

This month, I have over 20 articles for you to read. Hopefully it's not too much for you. After all, you can always stop reading at any time and return when you do have time.

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This month's articles:
Create Your Own Wifi Hotspot - Connectify Updated to 1.0
Patience and Wisdom [Picture]
Easily Create Personal Web Pages with No Signup at Webnotes
Mirror in the Water [Slideshow]
Find Files Fast with UltraSearch
Beautiful Pictures [Slideshow]
Free DNS Benchmark Tools - Satisfy Your Need for Speed
Take the Jung Typology Test - What Kind of Person Are You?
Is the Windows XP Search Doggie a Spy?
How to Replace Windows XP Search
Create Goo.gl Short URL’s with a Bookmarklet
Rohos Mini Drive - Hide Your Data on Flash Drives
Free Full Version of WinOptimizer 5
Change Your DNS Settings Fast with Dns Jumper
Multifox for Logging into Multiple Accounts
Review of the Eset Online Scanner
The Matrix as Your Desktop and Screensaver
Review of Radian Application Launcher
Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Review
How to Add WinHlp32 Support to Windows 7 and Vista
Backup/Restore Windows Live Writer with Import/Export Plugin
Windows CleanUp! for Fast and Fun System Cleanings
How to use Google Public DNS on Windows 7 and Windows XP

* Two or three of you wrote to tell me you didn't like the newsletter format. Now, I can offer you three different views of the same articles.

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That's all for now. Have fun!