Saturday, May 16, 2009

Firefox plugin: Drag &

It’s hard to beat simple online file hosting services … until  you start looking at the features that come bundled with them. (pronounced drop-ee-oh) has a free file hosting service that literally has everything but the kitchen sink. They offer file hosting with a multitude of collaboration options like commenting, live chat, conference calls, voice mail, guest permissions, RSS feeds and email. Now they are offering a nice Firefox Plugin that lets you drop your files into their service with ease. Dropio is awesome … and the basic free service allows you to host 100mb in each drop.

See this screenshot of the admin page for a drop and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

See the video below for a demo of the Firefox plugin.

Here’s a short description from the dropio folks …

Drag & drop your files directly into drops!
A drop is a chunk of space you can use to store and share anything privately (pictures, videos, audio, documents, etc.), without accounts, registration, or an email address. Drops are not "searchable" and not "networked;" they just exist online as private points for exchange between individuals or groups.
Create as many drops as you want in as little as two clicks and set things like a password, whether others can add to the drop, and how long you want it to exist (you can renew later). Drops can be flexibly used in a range of ways from sharing family photos and videos to collaborating on group projects.
For more information, go to


Can I access Cosmopod from a public PC?

Note: Cosmopod service has been discontinued 

I will take a look around the net to see if there are any similar services.

Why would I use Cosmopod? It's a free hosted Linux computer desktop that has tons of applications such as Open Office and all the K-Desktop tools. Once you are logged into Cosmopod, your online transactions are encrypted and nobody on your network or on the net can see them. This is just what you need for a safe access on a public PC.

Go to this French website to get the Portable NX Client v1.5. Unzip the file onto one of your thumb drives.

You then fire up your copy on the thumb drive and set it up as shown.


Once you get it set, just use it to log into your Cosmopod account.

Here's a picture of my Desktop.


That's it. Enjoy your online desktop.