Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can I access Cosmopod from a public PC?

Note: Cosmopod service has been discontinued 

I will take a look around the net to see if there are any similar services.

Why would I use Cosmopod? It's a free hosted Linux computer desktop that has tons of applications such as Open Office and all the K-Desktop tools. Once you are logged into Cosmopod, your online transactions are encrypted and nobody on your network or on the net can see them. This is just what you need for a safe access on a public PC.

Go to this French website to get the Portable NX Client v1.5. Unzip the file onto one of your thumb drives.

You then fire up your copy on the thumb drive and set it up as shown.


Once you get it set, just use it to log into your Cosmopod account.

Here's a picture of my Desktop.


That's it. Enjoy your online desktop.

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