Thursday, June 04, 2009

Magnifixer – great screen magnifier

A screen magnifier us one of those tools that many of you don’t use often or not at all. Windows provides it’s own built in magnifier program, but it’s pretty lame in comparison to many of the freebies out on the web.

I probably use a magnifier more now that my eyes are getting old, and when I do, I like to have plenty of options.

Magnifixer is my current favorite because it’s easy to tweak with nearly a dozen different settings as shown below. It’s one of the best free magnifiers I’ve found.

Tip: You can turn it into a portable version by simply copying the program folder onto a flash drive.

Screen Magnifier


From the authors:

Magnifixer is a screen magnifier utility. You can place it anywhere on your screen, make it any size you want and select a zoom level. Magnifixer will always show the area of your screen where the mouse cursor resides.

- Up to 40x Magnification
- Place anywhere on your screen
- Dual monitor supported
- Smoothing for better readability
- Cursor tracking or fixed location view
- Stay-on-top window option
- Color Display (HTML or RGB mode)
- Most settings are saved and reused
- Very simple and intuitive interface
- Uninstall option



  1. I use Magnifying Glass Pro
    I got it for free from -
    It is not free today, but the author's site has a half price special.
    I am pretty sure I recall a free version (back in Jan 2009), when I got my Pro version.
    Cannot see any link to it now, but Google may be the friend of 'elcheapo' fans.

    What I love about it is, it can be configured to be full screen.
    I have mine set to double magnification, and have the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Win to show or hide it.
    So if I have trouble reading something, I just Ctrl Win, and move the mouse to the general area. Then Ctrl Win, when I am finished.
    You are viewing 25% of the screen, so you just mouse your way around.
    MS should have built that into Windows.


  2. Thanks for the comment RobC. The free version of Magnifying Glass is here. I have tried it before but I don't recall any likes or dislikes.