Monday, February 01, 2010

Clif Notes Newsletter for February 2010

Hello Everyone,

This month, I have over a dozen articles for you to read. Hopefully it's not too much for you. After all, you can always stop reading at any time and return when you do have time.

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This month's articles:
Global Hotkeys for Windows Media Player
Security Advice From McAfee That You May Not Want
Back Up Your Registry in Case of Disaster – ERUNT
Portable Sticky Notes for Your Desktop – hott notes
Hundreds of Free Smileys – The Smiley Vault
Locking Programs and Files with a Password – SaveIt
Online Security Scan in Less Than Two Minutes
WinPatrol Lifetime License for 99¢ – One Day Only
How To Repair Your Default Image FileTypes
Defragging the Easy Way – Disk Defrag Screen Saver
Free Clipboard Manager and Personal Database – Ditto
Create Animated Gifs with UnFREEZ
Find Files Fast with UltraSearch
Easily Create Personal Web Pages with No Signup at Webnotes

* Two or three of you wrote to tell me you didn't like the newsletter format. Now, I can offer you three different views of the same articles.

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  1. Clif, I'm forwarding the E-mail telling about the WinPatrol 99 cent offer, so that you can see the date on it. (2 Feb 2010, 11:58) Apparently, I must subscribe to Google News Feed in order to get info on time?

  2. Yes - that's true. I have committed to sending only one email to my subscribers each month. The Google News feed is your best option if you want to keep current on my posts.

    Thanks for asking.