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Clif Notes Newsletter for May 2010

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I'm late posting. I missed last month too. I have lots of articles for you to read. Hopefully it's not too much for you. I've decided to make it easy this time and you only need to read the posts you want to.

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Recent articles:

Get Your Free ClipArt at

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎8 hours ago‎
I often spend too much time looking for the right image to use in a blog post or web page. My biggest problem is finding an ...

Screenshot Preview of Kubuntu Netbook Remix

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎May 6, 2010‎
I've always been a bigger fan of the Gnome desktop in Ubuntu, but I still like to check out the KDE versions in Kubuntu, ...

Call and Create a Public Voicemail as MP3

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎May 5, 2010‎
There are many file sharing services out there. Many offer simple free file hosting, however, I don't know of any that ...

How to Choose a New Laptop Hard Drive

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎May 4, 2010‎
Your laptop's hard drive is the major source for storing all your data. It is the place where all your applications, ...

Protect Your Portable Files with USB Safeguard

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎May 4, 2010‎
Traveling around with a USB flash drive full of your personal files is often very useful. However, it can also be risky. ...

Quickly Scan Any File with 40 Different Antivirus Engines

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎May 1, 2010‎
There are several online services that will allow you to check files for viruses or malware by uploading the files from ...

Macpup Opera 2.0 is Launched – Fast Portable Linux

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 28, 2010‎
Macpup Opera is a branch of Linux based on the famous Puppy Linux, which is known for it's small size and portability. ...

Hide Your IP Address and Surf Anonymously with UltraSurf

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 25, 2010‎
[Windows Only] UltraSurf is a tool that hooks your web browsers up with a free anonymous proxy....

Encrypt Your Files Quickly with AxCrypt

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 24, 2010‎
[Windows Only] ÀxCrypt is a free and open source (FOSS) application that lets you quickly encrypt multiple files with a ...

Hours of Fun with SoupToys on Your Desktop

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 22, 2010‎
[Windows Only] Souptoys is a collection of toys that you can play with on your PC desktop. Rather than tell you about it, ...

Put Firefox into Hyperdrive with Pale Moon

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 21, 2010‎
[Windows Only] What is Pale Moon? It's an open source project that takes the Firefox web browser code and recompiles it to ...

Google Chrome May Stop Showing HTTP in the Address Bar

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 19, 2010‎
One of the most recent builds of the Chromium web browser is drawing some criticism. As you may know, Chromium is the open ...

Create and Edit Icons with a Free Portable App - IcoFX

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 15, 2010‎
[Windows Only] Since most applications come with nice icons already embedded in them, I rarely need to create or edit icons ...

Automatic Spelling Correction and Text Expansion with Texter

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 14, 2010‎
[Windows Only] How often do you type the word “teh” instead of “the”? If it's very often, you aren't alone. ...

Everything – A Super Fast Portable File Search

Techie Buzz - Clif Sipe - ‎Apr 13, 2010‎
[Windows Only] “Everything” is a small and portable freeware program that lets you find files in Windows with blazing speed ...

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